Thursday, August 13, 2015

Cunningly Clever Entrepreneur

I always enjoy reading business books and especially finding that the author is on my wave length as I found in this book: Cunningly Clever Entrepreneur by Andrew Wood. I haven't gone to business school, I have only worked for businesses and have run my own business, Moonwishes Sewing and Crafts, I have learned by experience and also by the many books that I have read on starting and running your own business long before I ever had a business. My goal for years was to have a business that I could run from my own home. My goal with this blog is to help you learn how to avoid some selling on line errors and how to do the right thing so that your business will grow to where you want it to be.

On one of my early posts here, Begin How You Plan to End I talked about starting your business in the same way that you want it to be running when you sell it, die, or for whatever reason you no longer want to be in business. Having the end goal in mind keeps you focused so that you don't run into someone else's' goal and score the point for them. In Cunningly Clever Entrepreneur the author also states this same philosophy. To look ahead, make goals, measure those goals, market your product (and you will be surprised to learn what your product is!) and many other essential things that an entrepreneur needs to learn. I'm not quite half way through the book and I have already found some ideas that I could use. Instead of waiting until I had read the whole book, I instituted them today with my store Moonwishes Sewing and Crafts . I look forward to finding many more ideas that I can use as well.

Besides his actual points of advice, Wood also pushes the necessity of continuous learning. Reading or listening to audio tapes or watching videos all on different topics that will help you to achieve your goals for your business. I have never, in all the books on business that I have read, met up with any author that pushed the necessity of keep studying like he does, ..... and he is right. You should be able to find an entire steak dinner including desert  to 'chew' on while reading this book. If you can't find even one scrap, then you aren't looking hard enough or perhaps you don't have enough imagination and creativity to run a business. I love having my own business where I don't have to send all suggestions up to my boss where she takes it to her boss and then the idea I had that everyone else in the office loves gets tossed out for some idea that is completely different. My business, no committee. If I skin my nose it is my fault, but if I earn $$$$ from the idea I can take full credit as well. So many times when I suggest that people read and research before starting and jumping in with both feet into a business venture, they give the excuse of not having enough time or they don't read fast, or deep down they really just don't like to read. Those are all excuses for being lazy. Just because you want to sell on line doesn't mean that you shouldn't be prepared and continue learning so you will always get the best results. The internet is very fluid and you have to be able to respond to change in the middle of the day sometimes. Your knowledge base will help you do that efficiently.

Get this book and read it. You can borrow it for FREE using Kindle Unlimited if you are signed up for it, or you can buy it outright. Either way it is a must read! Please note that there are two authors at least with the name Andrew Wood, so be sure you have the right one! The links here will lead you to one of his books and just follow links at the book to his other offerings.