Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Welcome to First Steps to selling On Line

Welcome to First Steps to Selling Online. We are here to help you think through the process of deciding what you need to understand and do before opening a store, running auctions, or any other on line selling activities including your own website.
Why this blog?  Over the 12+ years that I have been selling online under the seller name Moonwishes, I have also helped in the different selling forums and non-selling forums to help those who would like to make some extra money, if not a complete living on line. Rather than feel like I am giving and typing the same advice over and over,  I will be putting many of my ideas into a blog where it can be accessed by all at any time.
The first thing to think about before even looking for a venue or making any kind of decisions about selling on line, think of this. If you wanted to open a ’brick and mortar’ store (on line speak for a real store you can walk into such as a grocery store) is you wouldn’t  get an idea to start a store and 5 minutes later walk in to a complete functioning store. You need to plan what you want to sell, where you want your building, how much you want to make, decide if you need a start up loan, and most certainly you would need some sort of business plan, and the list goes on. Yet for some reason some, if not many, ’newbies’ who want to be on line sellers start up a store with less thought than to what they dress in that day. What is the chance of becoming a successful on line seller with no thought behind what you are doing? This blog will help you think through the processes of starting up an online store or other selling activity so you have a great chance of becoming successful.
Best Wishes for the journey ahead.

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